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Understanding The Alcohol Recovery Timeline

It’s no secret that alcoholism is serious. For people struggling with debilitating addiction, the alcohol recovery timeline can seem impossibly long and tough to pin down. At Sanctuary Recovery, we understand how critical a healthy recovery journey is for better health, better mental function, and a better life. In this post, we’ll walk you through […]

Am I An Alcoholic? Understanding The Signs Of Alcoholism

According to the CDC, excessive alcohol consumption can lead to serious problems like liver disease, heart disease, cancer, and mental problems. In the U.S. alone, alcohol abuse accounts for nearly 90,000 deaths each year. Despite these alarming statistics, it can be difficult to detect alcoholism, especially if you are not vigilant about your drinking habits. […]

7 Motivational Quotes For Staying Sober

It is in moments of personal tribulation that recovery can seem almost impossible. At The Sanctuary Recovery Foundation, we understand that overcoming addiction is a complicated, multi-step process. With this in mind, words of positive encouragement are often most helpful. We hope these 7 motivational quotes for staying sober can help to stay focused and […]

Understanding The Five Stages Of Alcoholism

It’s no secret that alcoholism is a widespread problem. Impacting nearly 12 percent of all American adults at some point in their lifetime, alcohol dependence is a public health issue. Advances in medical research have given rise to the “disease” model of alcoholism. As a part of this model, experts have outlined distinct stages of […]

Effective Substance Abuse Recovery Strategies

Substance abuse recovery is never as simple as just deciding you’re going to do it. Success in recovery requires a strategic approach from the beginning. As recovery progresses through a process of gradual change and may present many challenges along the way, it’s tempting to give up. Like anything that’s worthwhile, living clean and sober […]

Coping Skills For Addiction & Recovering Addicts

Recovery from addiction isn’t simply about discontinuing the drug of choice. Recovery is a daily process that takes a commitment to establishing a new way of life and thinking. While you don’t have to change every single little thing about your life, you need to understand the high-risk behaviors that inevitably lead to using—the environments, […]

Tips For Staying Clean And Sober

Whether you are newly sober or into the double-digit years, staying clean and sober is a daily process. As addicts and alcoholics, we are only one drink away from landing ourselves back into a world of hurt, both for ourselves and for those around us. As temptation, boredom, and the daily stresses of living in […]

Finding Motivation For Recovery From Addiction

Getting sober isn’t something that happens overnight. It’s a daily endeavor that we must make an effort to achieve and maintain. But we’re all human, after all, and some days are more difficult than others. On these days, it might be difficult to find the motivation to carry on. If you’re feeling this way and […]

Understanding the Road to Sobriety

The road to sobriety is paved with as many obstacles as it is illuminations. This simply means that there will be some difficulties as well as bright spots along the way. Above all, it’s a process that continues day by day, evolving along with you on your sober journey. Understanding what’s involved in getting sober […]

The Many Benefits of Being Sober from Alcohol

Any amount of time spent trapped by an addiction of any kind is time lost. It may not always be easy to see the brighter side of a life free from addiction, but there are so many ways in which your life can be improved by becoming and staying sober. Here are a few benefits […]