The 12 Step Program: The First Step

The 12 step program of Alcoholics Anonymous has proved effective in helping those with addictions to drugs and alcohol find a way to heal and recover. In this series, we will dive deep into each step, providing insight on its statement and hopefully illuminate its gifts. Read more

Sober Meditation: Benefits & Tips

Sober living programs often comprise elements of faith and discipline. Depending on the environment you are living in, this can take on a religious connotation or one that is purely spiritual. While meditation in itself is not necessarily a religious or faith-based practice, it is a practice that is used to increase clarity of focus and empower self-reflection. In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of sober meditation and provide a few tips to help ensure a successful practice. Read more

Find a Sober Living Home: What to Look For, What to Ask

One of the most important steps in a commitment to living sober is finding a place to live that will support your new outlook and lifestyle. Above all, you should feel good about this new phase of life, as you are setting the stage for ongoing success in sobriety. The decision to find a sober living home is a positive move in the right direction. Here are few things to look for and to ask to help you with your search. Read more