11th Step of AA – Prayer and Meditation

In the 11th step of AA, we seek to improve our conscious contact with our higher power through prayer and meditation. This is important for all 12-step practitioners, as we trust and believe that our relationship with God, or our higher power, will give us a conscious understanding of His / Her / Its will for us. Working a meditative practice into each day will help create a peaceful and solid basis for a more fulfilling and positive way of life. It can also help us to move closer toward the ultimate goal of serenity, stability, and emotional balance. Read more

10th Step Inventory – AA Help

AA Step 10: We continued to take personal inventory and admitted when we were wrong.

By now you should be getting pretty good at writing personal inventories. It’s a great exercise in self-awareness, and most people are amazed at how much they learn about themselves in the process. The 10th step inventory is about taking what we have learned in working steps one through nine and putting it into practical use in our daily lives. It’s less about reflecting on the past, and more about how we deal with the challenges we face day-to-day, as a result of our words and deeds. Read more