How To Enjoy Life Sober – Thoughts & Suggestions

Newly sober individuals often have difficulty getting their heads around what it’s going to be like once they get past detox, withdrawal, or whatever treatment program they’ve been involved in. Transitioning between a structured environment to one where you are completely on your own is both exhilarating and scary, and you’re certainly not alone in that sentiment. Just remember, the really hard part is behind you. You might be wondering how to enjoy life sober without drugs or alcohol. The truth is, the possibilities are endless.

As time goes by, your outlook will change, a positive self-image will emerge, and you’ll discover what truly makes you happy. However, this kind of realization doesn’t just come knocking at your door—you’ve got to get out there and discover it. Here are some thoughts and suggestions on how to enjoy life sober. Read more

Resources for Sober Living in Charleston, SC

If you or a loved one is struggling with sobriety or other addictions, sometimes it’s hard to know which way to turn. Simply managing from day to day is often a struggle, both for the person getting sober and for their families. But there are some fantastic resources for sober living in Charleston, SC that can help. Read more