Why Do Teens Drink

Why Do Teens Drink?: Understanding Underage Drinking

Teens experience significant physical, emotional, and lifestyle changes as they enter early adulthood. Likely because of this, alcohol usage has been linked to developmental stages such as puberty and growing independence. In this sense, being a teenager may be a major risk factor for beginning to drink as well as for drinking recklessly, which can lead to addiction. Understanding underage drinking is crucial to helping a teen overcome addiction or a problem with alcohol. 

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The Alcohol Detox Process

The Alcohol Detox Process: How it Works

The first stage of treatment for people with alcohol dependence or addiction is the alcohol detoxification procedure, sometimes known as alcohol detox. Detoxification is the process of getting rid of alcohol from the body and controlling any withdrawal symptoms that may come along with quitting drinking suddenly or cutting back drastically. This can be highly risky and even ineffectual without assistance and supervision. 

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