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Find out why you should choose The Sanctuary Recovery Foundation as your home away from home.

Sober Living – Our Mission

At the Sanctuary Recovery Foundation, we are dedicated to providing sober living homes. All of our homes adhere to the utmost levels of cleanliness, safety, and support through the encouragement of our residents. Set in the beautiful coastal region of South Carolina, our Charleston and Mount Pleasant homes provide an exceptional environment for sober living. No matter the stage you are currently in, we are here to help. We welcome you in your choice to remain accountable and to further your recovery.

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Sober Living through Twelve-Step Programming

We wholeheartedly believe in the power of twelve-step programming as defined by Alcoholics Anonymous, implementing this design in all of our sober living homes with programming for addicts as well.

With a 75-year track record of helping individuals find success in their journey to recovery, this model is in our opinion one of the greatest tools to inspire hope and confidence while freeing us from the root causes and circumstances of our original defeat.

Following this design, many of our residents are able to enjoy ongoing sobriety, gaining the pride and self-confidence needed to help others in their situation to overcome this chronic, fatal disease.

SCARR Certified

We are pleased to announce that the Sanctuary Recovery Foundation has been certified as a Level II
program by The South Carolina Alliance for Recovery Residences. (SCARR) SCARR is an emerging affiliate
with the National Association of Recovery Residences. (NARR) SCARR and NARR strive to bring
standards to Recovery housing throughout South Carolina and the United States. Please see the
attached Link below for more information regarding SCARR and NARR.

  • www.scarronline.org
  • www.narronline.org

Sanctuary Recovery Foundation & Myrtle Beach Recovery Director has received his certification as a
National Peer Support Recovery Coach Specialist.

Charleston, SC Sober Living Home Testimonials

“This was a perfect place for me to stay while learning how to live sober. Being surrounded by other residents all of whom wanted to achieve long term recovery was a critical part in my sobriety. The houses were awesome, well-furnished and safe.”

“This was a perfect place for me to live when I was early to recovery. My roommates held me accountable, the house was well appointed and safe, and I feel certain a relapse would have occurred if I had not chosen to live here.”

“I would recommend The Sanctuary Recovery Foundation to anyone looking for a great place to live sober. I lived there for one year and had a wonderful experience.”

“I had a great time living at The Sanctuary Recovery Foundation house, nice houses, good roommates, and good sobriety.”


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