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How an Alcohol Intervention Coach Can Help

Residents at The Sanctuary Recovery Foundation support and encourage one another to reach their goals of a sober, productive, and fulfilling life. Contact us to learn more about our proven track record of helping people in their journey to recovery. What Is Recovery/Intervention Coaching? Individuals in recovery from substance abuse or co-occurring mental health illnesses […]

The H.A.L.T Method

Check-ins are crucial for increasing your self-care and self-awareness if you’re in recovery or in the beginning stages of sobriety. HALT is a method created by David Streem, MD, a psychiatrist and addiction specialist. This method is great for achieving personal accountability and is frequently utilized in 12-step meetings and rehabilitation programs.

A Guide to Making Amends

The path to addiction includes saying and doing things that harm others. Many times, addiction leaves loved ones hurt and disappointed. Although much of the damage cannot be reversed or undone, successful recovery includes reaching out to these hurt individuals and trying to heal the relationship, a step known as making amends. Residents at The […]

Habit vs. Addiction to Alcohol

Many people identify good habits as essential to living a successful life. Exercising, reading, and meditating are examples of those things practiced regularly that can improve a person’s life. However, bad habits can potentially hinder our success and even cause harm. For example, habitually overeating and smoking can have serious, even life-threatening consequences. Some people […]

How To Set Boundaries With An Alcoholic

Setting healthy boundaries is essential to the health of all relationships, especially with someone addicted to alcohol. Unfortunately, most addicts become skilled at violating the boundaries that usually exist unspoken between people. This can lead to lying, manipulation, and resentment. However, knowing how to set boundaries with an alcoholic you love can foster a healthy […]

4 Best Books on Sobriety

“Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.” –Frederick Douglass. Although reading books alone may not have the power to free someone from addiction, it can play a vital role in the path to sobriety. Many resources are available to help overcome substance abuse, including helplines, treatment facilities, support groups, blogs, and websites. […]

Dating Someone in Recovery?

Each person in recovery has a personal journey that includes their timetable to heal, receive support, regain confidence, and grow as a person. As you recover and decide to start dating, you may question whether you are ready to be dating someone in recovery.

Coffee and Sobriety

Although there are many differences among people in recovery, about 90 percent have one thing in common—coffee and sobriety. One research project found that almost all one million Americans who join Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) drink coffee. About one-third of these coffee drinkers reported drinking more than four cups daily, and the usual reasons were that it made […]

November Is Men’s Health Month

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the life expectancy of men is about five years less than women. Although physical disorders such as heart disease are the leading causes of death, experts report that severe mental illness can shorten a person’s life span by up to twenty years. Novembers Men’s Health Month […]

Sober September: What Is It?

Dry January helps many people recover from the holidays and get a fresh start to the new year. A newer concept, Sober September, offers a chance to join others in your local community and social media to reset and evaluate your relationship with alcohol. For those who have turned to a life of sobriety, Sober […]