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Dating Someone in Recovery?

Each person in recovery has a personal journey that includes their timetable to heal, receive support, regain confidence, and grow as a person. As you recover and decide to start dating, you may question whether you are ready to be dating someone in recovery.

Coffee and Sobriety

Although there are many differences among people in recovery, about 90 percent have one thing in common—coffee and sobriety. One research project found that almost all one million Americans who join Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) drink coffee. About one-third of these coffee drinkers reported drinking more than four cups daily, and the usual reasons were that it made […]

November Is Men’s Health Month

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the life expectancy of men is about five years less than women. Although physical disorders such as heart disease are the leading causes of death, experts report that severe mental illness can shorten a person’s life span by up to twenty years. Novembers Men’s Health Month […]

Sober September: What Is It?

Dry January helps many people recover from the holidays and get a fresh start to the new year. A newer concept, Sober September, offers a chance to join others in your local community and social media to reset and evaluate your relationship with alcohol. For those who have turned to a life of sobriety, Sober […]

Buddhism and Addiction: A Buddhist’s Guide to Sobriety

The clear teaching of Buddhism is total abstinence from alcohol and drugs. However, like any religion, those who practice Buddhism are not immune from falling prey to substance abuse. Therefore, Buddhists need help to recover and return to a sober and rewarding life just as much as their fellow human beings who practice other religions […]

Goodbye Letter to Drugs: Why & How to Write One

Whether you are starting or are far down your recovery path, you may want to consider putting your thoughts and feelings into words. Even if you feel inadequate as a writer, there are so many benefits to writing a goodbye letter to drugs that it is well worth the effort. Not only will it help […]

The 12 Steps for the Non-Religious

Alcohol shows no religious preference when it causes a life-altering addiction. Unfortunately, some religions teach that alcohol addiction is the mark of a spiritual deficiency. This misunderstanding of what actually is a medical disorder known as alcohol use disorder causes some people to doubt the effectiveness of Alcoholics Anonymous and its 12 Steps program. Find out […]

Why Do Alcoholics Crave Sugar?

A significant challenge of sobriety is replacing addiction to alcohol with over-consumption of another substance. One of the most common of these substances is sugar. Researchers found that four out of ten people crave sugar after alcohol withdrawal. Continue reading to learn more about why do alcoholics crave sugar?

The 3rd Step: Prayer & AA

The Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) has been described by the American Society of Addiction Medicine as a “tried and true approach.” Those in recovery are encouraged to attend meetings and actively work each step. After two steps of reflection, the 3rd step is one of action. 

Alcoholic Won’t Admit Problem What Can You Do?

The first step in solving a problem is recognizing the problem. Unfortunately, this is a significant barrier for those addicted to alcohol. If your loved one is experiencing this denial, it is normal. However, you can help by understanding their denial and learning the steps you can take to aid them in their eventual recovery.