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Veteran Substance Abuse: Signs, Statistics & Risks

Military life is honorable and deserving of everyone’s utmost respect. Unfortunately, service members are especially vulnerable to a variety of substance use disorders. Many men and women in our Armed Forces to smoke, drink alcohol excessively, and abuse drugs. Additionally, many who need help with substance abuse avoid seeking help because of a perceived stigma […]

How to Deal with Alcohol Cravings

The intense alcohol cravings can cause fear, confusion, and temptation during recovery. Alcohol cravings can lead to a preoccupation with drinking, mood swings, anxiety, insomnia, and mental confusion. Although these cravings are common during recovery, you may feel shame, guilt, and a loss of control that hamper your recovery. However, you can prevent these issues […]

5 Healthy Habits to Replace Drinking

For many individuals, enjoying an evening glass of wine or beer feels ritualistic. However, drinking frequently can take a toll on your health. Whether you’re trying to adopt a cleaner lifestyle or are recovering from alcoholism, these 5 healthy habits to replace drinking can help you get on the right track. If you or a […]

Teenage Alcoholism: Warning Signs & How You Can Help

Did you know that more than half of Americans aged 12 – 20 have experimented with alcohol? Adolescents who drink are at a high risk of engaging in various dangerous activities. Learn more about teenage alcoholism, warning signs, and how you can help. If you or a loved one need a safe space to stay […]

Understanding Different Types of Alcoholics

Alcohol is an addictive substance that can cause dependency in those of many ages. Understanding the different types of alcoholics can help you determine when you or a loved one’s drinking habits have gone too far. Read on to learn more about the various categorizations. If you or a loved one need a safe space […]

Dealing with Depression After Alcohol Recovery

Deciding to undergo alcohol recovery is a huge success, but it’s only the beginning of a long journey to sobriety. A common speedbump many people experience during this time is the presence of depression. Below, we’ll give you some tips for dealing with depression after alcohol recovery and discuss why it so often occurs. If […]

How to Help an Alcoholic Parent

Having a parent that’s afflicted with alcoholism can be emotionally trying. While it’s ultimately up to the addicted to seek proper help, there are ways that you can support them while respecting your boundaries. Read on to learn how to help an alcoholic parent. If you or a loved one need a safe space to […]

How to Celebrate New Year’s Without Drinking

Increased amounts of alcohol are consumed on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. People around the world raise their glasses to a fresh start and the close of the previous year. But the holiday is about new beginnings, not drinking, so it’s important to know you don’t have to have alcohol to enjoy this […]

What Does Alcohol Do To Your Body?

Alcohol has both short- and long-term effects on the body. In fact, changes begin to occur the moment you take your first sip. And, if you drink regularly and heavily, you may be putting your overall health at risk. Here, we’ll explore exactly what alcohol does to your body. If you need a safe space […]

How to Rebuild Trust With Loved Ones Following Recovery

Choosing to pursue your sobriety is a huge step, although the process isn’t always easy. Since beginning your road to recovery, you may have found that some friends and family members are hesitant to let you back into their lives. Here, we’ll discuss how to rebuild trust with loved ones following recovery. With plenty of […]