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How Alcohol Destroys Your Relationships

Alcohol affects almost every aspect of a person’s life. This includes their health, finances, longevity, and personal relationships. The loved one of an addict often suffers through the loss of a valued relationship because of the many devastating effects of alcohol. The consequences of alcohol addiction can destroy the personality of the one you love, […]

My Husband is an Alcoholic: A Support Guide

My Husband is an Alcoholic As a wife to an alcoholic you can be a significant part of the solution to sobriety. Learning more about the effects of alcohol can help you successfully cope with the many obstacles you and your husband now face. Continue reading to learn more about alcohol abuse and how you […]

How Does a Christian Wife Deal with an Alcoholic Husband?

Alcohol addiction is a chronic medical condition with physical, emotional, social, and financial consequences for the alcoholic and his spouse. A Christian wife can benefit from her inner spiritual strength and Christian network of friends and church resources. However, the Christian wife also faces the challenges of effectively dealing with an alcoholic husband. Here we […]

How To Be An AA Sponsor the Ultimate Guide

Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) affects almost fifteen million people over age twelve in the United States. Unfortunately, less than eight percent of those affected receive treatment. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) has a long history of helping those who are addicted to alcohol recover and live happy and productive lives. An important part of their treatment program […]

How to Know if You Are an Addict

Crossing the line of drug use to abuse may be difficult to discern by someone caught in the middle of such a complex disease as addiction. Typically, a person rationalizes and justifies the physical and behavioral changes associated with addiction. However, recognizing and acknowledging an addiction is the first step toward recovery.

4 Reasons Acceptance in AA Recovery Helps

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) views acceptance in AA recovery as necessary for addicts to be strong, empowered, and happy. You can find serenity after accepting the people, circumstances, and place you are in life today. This allows you to move forward to a rewarding and sober life.

Why Addicts Become Addicted to Helping Others

For almost one century, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) has used the power of sober addicts’ stories to help others. AA makes it clear that “sobriety depends on connecting with other alcoholics.” While professional counseling has its place in recovery, one addict helping another has proven significant success for those seeking a sober life of happiness and fulfillment. […]

Rule 62 of the AA Rule Book: How It Helps Your Recovery

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) has helped people recover from alcohol addiction for more than eighty years. They built their success on their 12 Step program that includes one person in recovery helping another on their path to sobriety. Alcoholics Anonymous published its famous Big Book in 1939 to present its program for recovery from alcohol addiction. This book […]

How Long Should You Be Sober Before Dating?

Dating in sobriety is a controversial topic. Individuals with long-term sobriety often tout the advice of not dating at all during their first year sober. But there are no guidelines to be found in the Twelve Steps or Twelve Traditions. 

What Are the Twelve Traditions of AA?

The 12 Traditions of AA are the set of internal rules and structures that keep groups focused on their primary objective: helping other alcoholics recover.  Just as the 12 Steps are intended to help the alcoholic survive, the 12 Traditions are designed to help the group survive.