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How to Tell Friends About Your Sobriety

If you’ve recently begun to pursue a sober lifestyle, you may find it difficult to tell those around you—especially your friends—about your sobriety. This can be especially hard during the holiday season when celebrations are more frequent, and you anticipate being one of the only people without a drink in your hand. However, we have […]

Why is Life Better Sober?

If you’re working through a recovery program in pursuit of a sober life, you may be struggling to see the light at the end of the tunnel—especially if you’re early in your journey towards sobriety. But, it’s important to remember that a life of sobriety is truly worth it when you consider the many ways […]

How to Support Your Spouse in Addiction Recovery

Millions of men and women struggle with alcohol addiction each year, and thousands lose their lives to alcohol-related diseases, illnesses, and accidents. When it comes to alcohol addiction, though, it’s not just the individual with the addiction that suffers. Alcohol abuse disorder is a disease that affects entire families, especially spouses of addicts. Read on […]

Signs You May Be A High-Functioning Alcoholic

Everyone likely has an idea of alcoholism in mind from movies or popular culture. However, alcoholism comes in many different forms, and can even be difficult to identify. High-functioning alcoholics fall into this category, yet the alcohol abuse is just as dangerous and costly. These are signs you may be a high-functioning alcoholic and how […]

Tips For Dealing With Stress In Sobriety

Working on sobriety is a challenge on its own. Even once you reach sobriety and begin to gain traction in kicking your addiction, you’ll still encounter other day-to-day challenges. Stress is a natural part of life, so you’ll inevitably have to face it. If you’re worried about how stress will affect your sobriety, contact The […]

Alcohol Poisoning Symptoms & Signs

It’s no secret that by drinking alcohol, a person takes on significant risk. But alcohol poisoning is a hazard of excessive drinking that should be taken seriously, as it is potentially life-threatening. The Center for Disease Control estimates that there are an average of 2,200 deaths from alcohol poisoning every year. Know the signs and […]

Health Risks of Chronic Alcohol Use

Genetic factors often determine how your body responds to chronic alcohol use, but many scientists, doctors, and health professionals agree that heavy drinking for long periods of time is incredibly damaging for your health no matter who you are or what your genetics say. Consider these health risks of chronic alcohol use. Mental Health Excessive […]

10 Signs You May Have a Drinking Problem

One of the biggest indicators that you may have a drinking problem is that you’ve already taken the step to search for articles with titles like this one on the internet. It can be a scary idea to face, but that’s the first step toward getting the help you need. The following ten signs are […]

Top Tips for Traveling Sober

If you’ve got a trip coming up for business or recreation, plan ahead now so you can stay sober and enjoy your trip with friends, family, or coworkers. Traveling poses many temptations to drink, seemingly at every turn. Hotel mini bars, restaurants, airplane drinks, airport bars, and simply being tired and in a different environment […]

Alcohol & The Myth Of Moderation

If you’re struggling with what you think may be an addiction to alcohol, well-meaning websites, friends, or family members may suggest that you simply try to drink alcohol in “moderation.” “Just have one drink,” they might say. Or, “don’t drink until after 6pm!” They’re probably just trying to be helpful without being too blunt. They […]