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Understanding The Relationship Between Genetics & Addiction

When a loved one experiences an addiction, it’s natural for family members to be concerned or just curious as to whether or not they’re susceptible to a similar addiction. Genetics do play a role when it comes to addiction, but it’s not as black and white as one might think. There’s no single gene that […]

Finding a Passion Can Help You Stay Sober

Recovery is meant to give you the tools you need to abandon unhealthy habits and damaging addictions. The goal is to adopt a healthy, balanced lifestyle. One invaluable tool for getting and staying sober is to find a passion—an activity, hobby, interest, or field that captures your interest and makes you hungry to learn more […]

Tips To Survive Thanksgiving Sober

Holidays can be tough for those in recovery from an addiction. Family events and seasonal get-togethers can naturally be a more stressful time. Plus, there’s a tendency for family and friends to include alcohol with celebrations. With Thanksgiving approaching, consider a few helpful tips on how to survive Thanksgiving sober.

Afraid to Quit Drinking? Common Fears & How to Quit

Acknowledging that alcohol is a problem in your life is the first and most important step towards a lasting, life-changing recovery. But even if you’ve recognized the detrimental effects that alcohol has on your mind, body, and relationships, making the next steps to quit drinking can be scary. If you want to quit drinking but […]

Top Alcoholic Blogs For Recovery Help In 2018

Accountability, support, and encouragement are all crucial parts of recovering from an alcohol addiction. At the Sanctuary Recovery Foundation, we provide regular blogs to offer unique insights, personal testimonies, helpful tips, and solidarity as you’re recovering. We wanted to share some other resources that you may find helpful during your journey to recovery. Here are […]

Tips for Living with a Sober Alcoholic

For those whose lives have been affected by a loved one struggling with alcoholism, it’s important to remember that alcoholism is a life-altering disease, not a lack of self-control. It’s a disease that wreaks havoc upon the addict’s mental and physical state. It also takes a toll on the lives of their spouses and family […]

Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms: You Can Make It Through

With over 15 million U.S. adults reporting some form of Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD), it’s obvious that alcoholism is a nationwide health crisis. Unfortunately, the confusing (and painful) physical effects of initial sobriety can make overcoming alcoholism seem impossible. But, by learning what to expect when it comes to alcohol withdrawal symptoms, you can be […]

What Causes Alcoholism?

With over 15 million U.S. adults reporting some level of alcohol use disorder (AUD), it’s no secret that alcoholism is a serious and widespread problem. Despite this, for both people struggling with alcohol dependency and their families, it can be difficult to pinpoint a specific cause. Critically, the first step toward recovery is understanding the […]

Understanding The Alcohol Recovery Timeline

It’s no secret that alcoholism is serious. For people struggling with debilitating addiction, the alcohol recovery timeline can seem impossibly long and tough to pin down. At Sanctuary Recovery, we understand how critical a healthy recovery journey is for better health, better mental function, and a better life. In this post, we’ll walk you through […]

Am I An Alcoholic? Understanding The Signs Of Alcoholism

According to the CDC, excessive alcohol consumption can lead to serious problems like liver disease, heart disease, cancer, and mental problems. In the U.S. alone, alcohol abuse accounts for nearly 90,000 deaths each year. Despite these alarming statistics, it can be difficult to detect alcoholism, especially if you are not vigilant about your drinking habits. […]