3 Things to Expect in Your First Year of Sobriety

3 Things to Expect in Your First Year of Sobriety

When you begin your journey towards 1 year sober, you are making an important decision for yourself. Reaching the one-year milestone itself is a big first goal that requires work and commitment. But we think it’s worth it. There are so many advantages, such as better health, better emotional well-being, and stronger relationships.

The path ahead may be daunting, so it’s important to prepare by asking, “what to expect in the first year of sobriety.” Becoming sober is the first step towards a new life, and there is a lot to look forward to if you can embrace the change. In this blog, we will outline what you might expect in your first year of sobriety.

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Top Changes to Expect in Your First Year of Sobriety

Being able to reach the one-year sober milestone is a big achievement and a real testament to your strength and perseverance. This first year will come with a lot of changes, including physical adjustments, mood swings, and changes in friendships. Below, we have outlined how that might look in your first year of sobriety.

Physical Changes

As I’m sure you can imagine, your body will undergo many changes in the first year of sobriety. As you detoxify, your body will begin to restore itself. This will improve your health significantly. You may notice changes, such as better energy levels, better sleep patterns, and a noticeable improvement in skin complexion. There may also be some downsides, such as potential fluctuations in weight, but it will all be worth it to enjoy your new vitality.

Emotional Changes

It can be a bit of a rollercoaster ride in your first year of sobriety, especially for your emotions. When you no longer take substances, you may be faced head-on with a torrent of emotions. This could be anywhere from happiness to grief to anger. However, this is the natural process toward your 1 year in sobriety.

If you struggle with emotional ups and downs, you can reach out to friends, mental health professionals, and support groups, such as sober living facilities like ours in South Carolina. These are all great resources to help you navigate the complexities of one-year sobriety and beyond, even as you approach the milestone of 18 months sober.

Social Changes

When you begin this journey, you will have friends and even family who are not very helpful toward recovery. After being sober for one year, you may find these relationships change, or you have to form new ones that match the lifestyle choices that come with recovery and physical/mental changes at 1 year sober. This isn’t all bad news; some of your relationships may even grow stronger. Communicating with loved ones during this time is crucial, as this will keep everyone on the same page.

If you find you lack support or even loved ones to turn to at the start of your journey, you may consider sober living facilities to make friends or even AA. For most in recovery, the average length of sobriety in AA is a lifetime, where many bonds are formed.

Conclusion: What to Expect in Your First Year of Sobriety with Sanctuary Foundation

The first year of sobriety is an important milestone, but it isn’t the end; the journey continues far past the one-year sober mark. However, reaching this point marks resilience and a determination to live a better life. Even at the one-year mark of sobriety, you will continue to learn about yourself and your addiction, or even addiction as a whole, then start to look to your 18-month sober mark, then 2 years and beyond. Contact us today. We would love to talk to you about how we can help you on your journey toward one year sober.