5 Healthy Habits to Replace Drinking

For many individuals, enjoying an evening glass of wine or beer feels ritualistic. However, drinking frequently can take a toll on your health. Whether you’re trying to adopt a cleaner lifestyle or are recovering from alcoholism, these 5 healthy habits to replace drinking can help you get on the right track.

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Track Your Cues

The first healthy habit you need to practice is tracking the cues that make you want to reach for a drink. Perhaps you find yourself craving alcohol around the same time each day, or maybe you experience a cue around certain individuals. Understanding these cues can help you avoid them, hence lessening your desire for a drink.

Exercise is Key

Exercising regularly can work wonders for cutting your alcohol cravings. After working out, your body releases dopamine which stimulates feelings of pleasure. Exercise can help you both mentally and physically relax, possibly even more so than alcohol. Plus, you’ll gain the added benefit of better sleep and renewed energy rather than the next-day grogginess from consuming alcohol.

Visualize Your Success & Remember Your Hangovers

Another important habit to internalize is visualizing what your success will look like when you cut out alcohol. Perhaps it’s weight loss, saving money, improved mood, or something else. Whenever you experience cravings, visualize what it will look like to achieve your goals.

You might also reflect on the side effects of a hangover, such as nausea, upset stomach, irritability, grogginess, and more. Reminding yourself of these uncomfortable symptoms can help you stay on track and start the following day on the right foot.

Feel Confident Saying “No”

It’s time to get into the habit of saying “no.” At some point in your journey, you’re likely to get offered a drink by a well-intentioned individual or egged on by friends for an evening out. Know that it’s always ok to say no. You don’t owe anyone a reason for no longer drinking, but feel free to let others know why if you prefer. Never compromise your goals because you feel pressured to say “yes” to a social obligation involving alcohol.

Stock Drink Alternatives

One of the easiest options for replacing drinking is, well, replacing what you drink. Stock your refrigerator up with healthy alternatives that you enjoy, such as Kombucha, juices, and sparkling water. Having a satisfying beverage that you can reach for and sip on will serve as a nice replacement option.

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