4 Reasons Acceptance in AA Recovery Helps

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) views acceptance in AA recovery as necessary for addicts to be strong, empowered, and happy. You can find serenity after accepting the people, circumstances, and place you are in life today. This allows you to move forward to a rewarding and sober life.

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What Is Acceptance in AA Recovery?

Having an addiction is a problem that creates a multitude of other problems. As these problems mount, an addict has difficulty knowing where to look for the answer to their addiction. In The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, AA gives this one-word solution that helps addicts begin the journey to recovery:

“Acceptance is the answer to all my problems today.”

Working against a person taking the critical step of acceptance is the strong temptation of denial. Denial is common whenever anyone faces a stressful situation. Since multiple stresses mark an addict’s life, denial becomes an easy way to escape reality. Instead of accepting reality, an addict may minimize, repress, or rationalize their difficulty.

Acceptance is not helplessly resigning to the fact they have a problem. Instead, acceptance is embracing what you are going through as the reality you face currently. However, acceptance includes an understanding that this reality does not have to be permanent. A healthy acceptance includes the awareness that change is possible and sobriety is an attainable goal.

How Acceptance Helps With Healing

Like other chronic diseases, addiction takes time and proper treatment to heal successfully. However, acceptance breaks the grip of shame that prevents successful healing and replaces it with the power of honesty. Once you have an honest view of your life, you can:

  • Overcome the hindrances of guilt and anger.
  • Replace depression with joy and hope.
  • Admit and learn from your past mistakes.
  • Make better decisions based on what you have learned in the past.
  • Have empathy for other people.
  • Live with gratitude.
  • Forgive those who wronged you in the past.

4 Reasons Why Acceptance In AA Helps

  • Acceptance is the essential first step toward sobriety. Until a person accepts and acknowledges they have a problem, they take no further steps to recover from addiction.
  • Acceptance acknowledges what you cannot change. The past can haunt and paralyze an addict so severely it becomes an insurmountable barrier to recovery. The frustration of trying to change what is impossible can keep you defeated and prevent the pursuit of a victorious and sober life.
  • Acceptance recognizes your weaknesses and limitations. Too often, an addict mistakenly believes the answer to their problem is their own strength, determination, and willpower. While each of these has its place in the journey to sobriety, one must first accept that addiction is a disease that requires treatment. 
  • Acceptance places control where it belongs. Addiction is a complex disease affected by a person’s central nervous system, heredity, relationships, and family history. Acceptance helps an addict identify the areas of life that lie outside their control. This enables a person to seek help more readily without relinquishing their responsibility in the pursuit of a sober life.

Sanctuary Recovery Foundation

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