Alcoholism Facts in South Carolina

Alcoholism Facts in South Carolina

Alcoholism affects a lot of people around the world, and South Carolina is no different. Understanding how alcoholism affects the area where you are can bring a lot of insights into the disorder for the residents and also help tailor recovery resources. Sanctuary Foundation, a sober living house dedicated to helping those suffering from alcoholism, aims to shed light on the alcoholism facts in South Carolina. In this blog, we will discuss alcoholism facts and statistics in South Carolina for you to keep in mind. 

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The Burden of Alcoholism in South Carolina

Alcoholism is a big problem in South Carolina. In fact, according to the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), a number of deaths every year can be attributed to this issue. Plus, alcoholism affects the health of those living in the area and can lead to liver disease, heart problems, and increased risks of some cancers. Alcoholism also doesn’t just affect those afflicted or their loved ones, as there are often accidents and violence related to it that affect the community, too. 

Alcohol-Related Deaths

South Carolina faces a lot of death in the area that is related to alcohol. This impacts the community as a whole. This is a problem that is growing rapidly. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) says that deaths spiked by 26% from 2020 to 2021. South Carolina went from 319 fatalities to 401, which is more than a death a day. 

Youth and Underage Drinking

There is also a lot of underage drinking happening in South Carolina that needs to be addressed. There is a staggering statistic of 23.1% of children grades 9-12 who admitted to drinking some alcohol within the last month that the question was asked. This can lead to problems with alcohol as these children get older. 

Economic Impact

Alcoholism can also impact the economy of an area because of healthcare, crime, and workplace productivity. Alcohol use that went above the norm cost the state $3.2 billion or $1.77 per drink. 

Alcoholism Statistics in South Carolina

  • 16.6% of adults in South Carolina admit to drinking excessively. This is measured as four or more drinks a day, or eight per week for women. Or five or more a day or fifteen a week for men. 
  • In 2021 alone, 11,654 people were killed because of car crashes that involved drivers who were impaired by alcohol. 
  • In 2020, 289.6 drivers received a DUI per 100,000 drivers with licenses in South Carolina. 
  • South Carolina ranks in the top 20 states for excessive drinking. 

These statistics can show us what a big problem drinking is in South Carolina. If you find you struggle with alcoholism or excessive drinking, reaching out to somewhere like The Sanctuary Foundation can help you. Another place you can try is the South Carolina Department of Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Services website.

The Role of The Sanctuary Foundation

Sober Living Homes in South Carolina

Sanctuary Foundation’s sober living homes in South Carolina are designed to provide a supportive and structured environment for individuals seeking recovery from alcoholism. Our homes offer a residential experience where tenants share common areas like kitchens, living rooms, dining spaces, and yards, much like roommates in a rental home.

Zero Tolerance for Alcohol and Drugs

We maintain a strict zero-tolerance policy for alcohol and drugs within our sober living residences. Similar to landlords who prohibit smoking or pets, we prioritize a drug- and alcohol-free environment to support our residents in their journey to recovery.

Not a Medical Treatment Center

It’s essential to understand that Sanctuary Foundation is not a medical addiction treatment center. While we provide a supportive living environment, we do not offer medical treatment. Our focus is on creating a community that promotes sobriety and recovery.

In Conclusion: Alcoholism Facts in South Carolina

Alcoholism is prevalent across the entirety of the United States, and South Carolina is no different, which is why it is so important to raise awareness for those struggling. Sanctuary Foundation is committed to providing a safe and sober living environment for individuals on their journey to recovery. If you are considering a community and professionals to help you through this difficult time, reach out to Sanctuary Recovery Foundation today.