College Sobriety Tips: Stay Sober on Campus

College is a time of self-discovery, newfound freedom, and opportunity. But sadly, it’s also a time when many students make drinking a priority over their studies. The alcohol culture and party scene on college campuses can make it extremely hard for a student, whether in recovery or not, to stay sober.  However, we have a few college sobriety tips to help you stay sober on campus.

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Keep a Schedule

Keeping your habits in check with a rigid schedule is one of the best ways to structure your days to avoid unplanned binge drinking sessions. Avoid temptation by scheduling blocks of time for the main priorities of your day. Plan to make time for healthy, balanced meals, going to the gym, studying, and relaxation. Avoid too much idle time in your days or evenings. This will help you avoid becoming impulsive and starting to drink without a plan to stop.

Surround Yourself with Positive Influences

If your friends are sober, you’re more likely to be sober. Don’t surround yourself with people who drink frequently and irresponsibly. Find friends who support you in your sobriety and spend their free time doing activities other than drinking alcohol.

Focus on Why You’re in College

You’re probably paying quite a bit of money to attend a university, so remember why you’re there. You aren’t there for weekend binge drinking sessions or a social life, but to learn and prepare yourself for your future. Keep this in perspective when you feel tempted to lapse into the party scene. College is there to help you better yourself, not graduate with an alcohol use disorder.

Take Advantage of Campus Resources

See if your campus has any sort of support for sober or recovering students, like group meetings, counseling, or sober residence halls. Using the tools available to you will help set yourself up for optimal success. If your college doesn’t offer anything like this, consider starting something yourself or becoming active in similar programs in the community.

Plan Ahead for Spring Break

Spring break trips can create huge roadblocks for those trying to live a sober life. Plan ahead each year and do something different. You could go on a mission trip or visit distant family members. Or, maybe take a road trip and try an active adventure like hiking or camping. You’ll find that vacations like this are more enjoyable than drinking on the beach, anyway!

Staying Sober in College is Possible!

We hope these college sobriety tips to stay sober on campus assist you. Know that staying sober in college is possible when you make it a priority and plan for success. Avoid people who drink excessively, and don’t put yourself in risky positions. If you do find that you are struggling, The Sanctuary Recovery Foundation provides a safe place to stay sober. Contact us to learn how we can help.