Community Sober Living in Charleston, SC

If you or a loved one are in the process of getting sober, or if you are taking steps toward getting sober, it is important to have a good support system to help you get where you need to be. There is tremendous value in having a community of sober peers who are going through the same things that you are. It helps to know that you’ve got people you can lean on when things get tough. Learn more about the benefits of community sober living in Charleston, SC and get in touch today.

Avoid The Slippery Slope

Lack of a stable, sober living environment can harm your chances of long term success. Even if you are highly motivated to get clean and sober and stay clean and sober, you are putting yourself and your efforts in peril if you choose to remain in a high-risk environment. Even the strongest of us may eventually give in to temptation if it is presented day in and day out. A community sober living environment can make all the difference.

Relapse Triggers Are Everywhere

It could be stress at work or a chance encounter that set you off in the wrong way. It could be a sibling, parent or other family member who gets under your skin. Or it could be well-meaning friends who are convinced that you can “just have one.” You may love them with all your heart, but in this situation, it’s probably best to stay far away from them until you are able to develop the tools you need to cope with your triggers and maintain your sobriety on your own.

Social and Environmental Factors of Success

Sobriety, especially in the early days, weeks and months, is a very tenuous thing. Our past behavior and flawed thinking has us convinced that we can’t live any other way. The reality is that we just need to learn new coping techniques that don’t involve drugs or alcohol. One of the strongest tools is to build a social support system. The Sanctuary Foundation offers community sober living in Charleston, SC to help individuals establish this crucial support system.

The Strength of Sober Living Communities

Studies show that people with a higher number of sober individuals in their peer group have had better outcomes over an extended period of three years or more. This means fewer relapses, which in turn means lowered or eliminated risk of illness, injury, hospitalization, incarceration, termination of employment, and other negative factors that are associated with sustained and untreated addictions.

Community sober living provides personal support as well as structure, helping residents to rebuild their confidence as they learn how to navigate life as a sober individual. Bottom line: it takes a village. You will never have a stronger or more compassionate support system than other people who are also on a sober journey. They have first-hand knowledge of issues that nobody else could possibly understand—and if you are determined to stay sober, that is exactly what you need.

Sober Living In Charleston, SC

If you are struggling to stay sober and motivated to succeed, a sober living home may be right for you. The Sanctuary Recovery Foundation provides sober living residences in the beautiful coastal region of Charleston, SC. We would love to talk to you about how we can help.