Goodbye Letter to Drugs: Why & How to Write One

Whether you are starting or are far down your recovery path, you may want to consider putting your thoughts and feelings into words. Even if you feel inadequate as a writer, there are so many benefits to writing a goodbye letter to drugs that it is well worth the effort. Not only will it help you put the past behind you, but it will also help you focus on the future.

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The Benefits of Writing a Goodbye Letter to Drugs

Recovery is a long process that involves many steps. One of the steps many have found helpful is saying goodbye to their addiction in a letter. You do not need to be a professional writer to receive the benefits of writing your personal letter. These benefits include:

  • Reduces anxiety and reluctance to recovery. As you write your letter, you will inform your past addiction of your future goals. Putting your goals in writing makes your success much more likely and attainable.
  • Contributes to healing. You can experience a therapeutic benefit in putting some words in writing that you find hard to share with a therapist. This might be especially true in the beginning steps of your recovery.
  • Closes the door on an addictive past. Making a definitive break with addiction is aided by telling it that your relationship is over and you are putting the past far behind you.
  • Opens the door to a hopeful future. The focus of recovery is the future. Putting your vision of a sober and successful future into the words of your letter can help you during challenges that occur during recovery.
  • Aids in counseling. After writing your goodbye letter to drugs, you may find it much easier to share your thoughts and feelings with counselors and therapists. Although it is unnecessary, you may find it helpful to share your letter with others as a part of your recovery.

Guidelines for Writing a Goodbye Letter to Drugs

You are writing for yourself and no one else. You may not have ever written a letter before now, or may feel you struggle with writing, if this is the case don’t let it prevent you. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just something for you. Here are some guidelines to help you:

  • Step 1: Tell drugs why you are leaving them now.

  • Step 2: Be forthright about what drugs have done to you in the past.

  • Step 3: Write positively and specifically about the future you will have without drugs.

  • Step 4: State your goals of sobriety clearly.

  • Step 5: Write confidently and use positive statements to affirm yourself and your new direction in life.

  • Step 6: Disregard grammar and spelling. If you want to, you can edit in the future.

It’s Your Letter

As you write, remember that this letter is for you. It need not be read by anyone else. Do not hesitate to write more than one. You can also come back later and add to the one you write. Most importantly, you are open and honest in your letter.

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