The Benefits of Group Therapy in Addiction Recovery

The Benefits of Group Therapy in Addiction Recovery

Recovery from addiction is a long journey that can take a lot of unique approaches depending on the individual. Group therapy is just one of many approaches. In this blog, we will look at how group therapy is beneficial for those who use it to help overcome the hurdles of addiction. 

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Understanding Group Therapy

Group therapy is a type of therapeutic approach where people come together to share a common goal of recovery. It allows several people who are suffering to work towards a better life together and not feel alone. This is great for addiction, where isolation is a big part of the disease. 

Group therapy involves several sessions of peers–all led by a therapist. The sessions are meant to create a safe space for people in the group to explore the feelings and behaviors that make it harder to overcome addiction and alcoholism. Group therapy is great for combating shame and isolation, but it also helps members to be proactive with their recovery by seeing what future hurdles might look like and practicing being supportive of others who may feel the same way they do. 

Types of Group Therapy Used in Addiction Recovery

There are a few types of therapies used in group therapy; these include:

  • CBT, or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, where groups look at thinking patterns and how they affect behavior. Therefore, by changing their thoughts, they can change their behavior. 
  • Support groups that are there to help vent emotions and get support. 
  • Groups that teach skills for coping without substances.

Core Components of Effective Group Therapy

To know you are part of a good therapy group, you must have the following components:

  • Safe Environment: A non-judgmental space that helps you to open up.
  • Structured Sessions: Carefully planned sessions that focus on recovery topics.
  • Facilitation by Trained Therapists: Professional oversight guiding the group dynamics and interactions.

Key Benefits of Group Therapy in Addiction Recovery

There are many benefits to group therapy when it comes to addiction recovery. 

  1. It encourages vulnerability, which is a difficult thing to achieve, especially for those who are using substances like alcohol to remove themselves from feeling. 
  2. It’s also a great way to find community in your area to feel less alone, as isolation is terrible for addicts. 
  3. Another great benefit of group recovery is the perspectives it can give us. We all have individual thoughts and ideas on situations, and seeing them from many different angles can help us overcome places in our lives where we might be stuck or are especially hard on ourselves. 
  4. Learning from other’s failures and successes can give us quick experience and allow us to get to a better place in recovery faster. 
  5. Another great benefit of group therapy is that you can see how others have already succeeded. If you are at the start of your journey, that might seem incomprehensible, but observing others doing it can make your goal seem more concrete.  

Finding Community Helps Addict Recover

Group therapy, or working together with other addicts, is a big part of recovery for a lot of programs, from group therapy in general to AA and even rehab. There are numerous benefits that address the psychological and social facets of addiction. If you find yourself in the position of wanting to work towards recovery and don’t want to go it alone, consider finding a support group like a sober living facility that can help you every moment of the day, stay sober and better your life. Reach out to Sanctuary Foundation today to see how we can help you through this journey of sobriety.