How to Build a Sober Support Network

How to Build a Sober Support Network

Building a strong sober support network is an important step toward your recovery from alcoholism. At Sanctuary Foundation, we understand the importance of having a robust support system in place. Our sober living homes provide a supportive community, but it’s also vital to create a network of friends and allies who can help you maintain sobriety. In this blog, we will look at how a sober support network can help and ways to build one. 

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The Importance of a Sober Support Network

A sober support network is an important part of the recovery journey from addiction. There are many benefits essential to maintaining sobriety, like encouragement and motivation during challenging times. When you know you have supportive people cheering you on, it can make a big difference in your life. It can also act as a great accountability partner, as you will have people you need to tell when you slip up who truly care about you, giving you a sense of responsibility toward your own life and theirs. 

A sober support network helps to prevent relapse by having others who can spot triggers or situations that might lead you down the wrong path. Others can offer guidance, especially when they know you well or have been there before. 

The emotional support provided by friends and family can help recovering addicts through tough times and help them stay committed to a better, sober life. 

How to Build a Better Social Support Network

There are a few strategies you can use if you are looking to build a better support network to help you on the road to sobriety. We list some below:

Attend Support Groups

The obvious one is to attend support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or SMART recovery. Both of these groups have a built-in community for you to use. 

Reconnect with Old Friends

Often, during addiction, isolation can cause rifts in friendships. Once someone is sober, they can reach back out to those people and establish the friendship once more. 

Make New Sober Friends

Attend new hobbies that are social, like gaming nights, gym classes, or events in your local towns or libraries. Finding new friends who get together in sober environments is a great step.

Seek Out a Sponsor or Mentor

Getting a sponsor or a mentor is another step you can take, as they have already been where you are. They can offer ideas unique to your experiences and location. 

Communicate Openly

Be open and honest with the people that you trust as you move forward. This will help you build better relationships. 

Offer Support to Others

Sometimes, helping others is the best way to help yourself. Volunteer opportunities can keep you busy and help you feel as if you are giving back. You will often meet new people too. 

Be Patient

It takes time to build strong friendships and support networks. Be patient with yourself during it. Not all relationships will last, and this is totally normal. 

How to Support Someone Getting Sober

If you are a loved one of someone with addiction looking to be a strong part of their support network, below we have put together some ideas for you to use:

Educate Yourself

Learn everything you need to know about the recovery process so you can have a full understanding of where your loved one is coming from. 

Be Non-Judgmental

It can be hard not to judge, especially when you haven’t experienced addiction, or were once slighted by your loved one. It’s important going forward to wipe the slate clean and be an empathetic ear. 

Encourage Their Efforts

Acknowledge when a loved one reaches a milestone and celebrate it with them. Reach out often to encourage them to have a great day. 

Respect Their Boundaries

The addict in your life might be sensitive to certain situations or things. Respect their boundaries in this so they don’t relapse, and you can maintain your relationship. 

Be Available

Sometimes, being a part of a solid support network is just simply being available and there for the addict to talk to when needed. 

Conclusion: How to Build a Sober Support Network

Building a sober support network is an important part of recovery from alcoholism. Sanctuary Foundation provides a supportive living environment, but creating a network of friends and allies outside our homes is equally important. You never have to be alone on this journey toward sobriety. There are many people who have been where you are and want to help. By nurturing relationships along the way you can have your own incredible support network in no time. Contact us today