How to Stay Sober at Christmas

The celebrations during the Christmas season typically include large gatherings with friends, family, and co-workers. While these can be relaxing and fun for many people, Christmas presents an obstacle to those recovering from addiction. Fortunately, no holiday is an insurmountable obstacle when you follow the tried-and-true methods of staying sober at Christmas. 

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Seven Tips to Stay at Christmas

Below are some of the seven ways you can minimize your risk of relapse and stay on your journey of sober and fulfilling living.

  1. Have a Plan to Stay Sober

Everyone who reaches a goal accomplishes it with a plan. There’s a reason that a successful business or vacation begins with a well-thought-out plan. Likewise, you’re more likely to achieve your goal of a sober Christman with a plan that includes specific steps and strategies for each event that increases your risk of relapse. A written plan that you read each morning can inspire you to stay on track throughout the holiday season.

  1. Share Your Story

Being with people is a big part of the Christmas season. However, you may find yourself surrounded by more people not familiar with your recovery who may expect you to drink with them. Instead of viewing such people as a possible threat to your sobriety, consider sharing your story of recovery with them. Christmas is a time of hope, and your story can be an inspiring story of hope to others.

  1. Know Your Triggers

Your Christmas celebrations may include people, places, or events that increase your risk of relapse. Even the most rigorous efforts to resist when this occurs can cause frustration, fear, and anxiety. Therefore, part of your plan should include effective ways of identifying and coping with these triggers.

  1. Stay Busy

Loneliness can affect anyone during the holiday. For those in recovery, this poses a significant risk to sobriety since loneliness often causes depression. Experts in addiction recovery warn that people often turn to substance use to combat depression and loneliness. One helpful strategy to minimize this threat to your goal of sobriety is to keep yourself busy with productive and enjoyable activities.

  1. Celebrate Your Victories

Christmas is a wonderful time to reflect on your victories this past year. Maybe you had a year full of small and large victories you can celebrate with friends and family. Or possibly you have chosen to begin your path to sobriety this Christmas. This is a huge step and the first of many future victories as you move forward.

  1. Create New Traditions

You may have traditions that contributed to your addiction. However, you are now on a new path to sobriety. Look for new traditions that you can implement to honor your sobriety.

  1. Focus on Giving

You might have more to give than you have ever had. You now have a story and a life to give to others. This can bring encouragement and joy to help others with the challenges they face in life. So, whether it’s a physical gift, a helping hand, or a kind word, let this Christmas be heavily marked with your giving.

Consider The Sanctuary Recovery Foundation

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