How an Alcohol Intervention Coach Can Help

Residents at The Sanctuary Recovery Foundation support and encourage one another to reach their goals of a sober, productive, and fulfilling life. Contact us to learn more about our proven track record of helping people in their journey to recovery.

What Is Recovery/Intervention Coaching?

Individuals in recovery from substance abuse or co-occurring mental health illnesses are known as peer recovery support specialists. A National Peer Support Recovery Specialist coach assists you in constructing tools, for recovery or intervention, from the ground up using tried-and-true success techniques customized for your circumstance.

The coaches’ recovery and life experiences enable them to offer recovery support based on their personal experiences. Our coaches have received the National Certified Peer Recovery Support Specialist Credential, which is experientially based and aims to standardize the knowledge and competence of peer support providers. For help on your road to recovery by utilizing a National Peer Support Recovery Coach Specialist, contact us today.

What is a Peer Support Specialist?

Peer support workers are those who have recovered successfully and assist others in similar circumstances. Peer support specialists help people become and stay engaged in the recovery process and lower the risk of relapse via mutual respect, understanding, and empowerment. For those looking for a successful, long-lasting recovery process, peer support services are a great choice.

Peer Support Role

Peer support professionals take part in a variety of activities. These consist of:

  • Establishing healing connections
  • Goal-setting and mentoring
  • Advocating for those who are recovering
  • Sharing resources and developing talents

The following roles may also fall under peer support:

  • Constructing resources
  • Managing programs or organizations
  • Delivering assistance and/or instruction to supervising peer employees
  • Educating citizens and decision-makers

How are Sober Coaches Different From a Sponsor?

No matter which program or recovery track you choose to take, sober coaches are skilled experts who specialize in assisting you in improving your relationship with drugs or alcohol. They are trained specifically to help those with addiction struggles. AA sponsors, on the other hand, are volunteers who have successfully recovered from addiction and are members of your 12-Step Recovery Group.

Sponsors advise the sponsee on how to maintain sobriety using the 12-Step concept. But your widest options for support systems and routes are found in a coach. Recovery coaches can also respect your changing preferences and requirements as you progress through the healing process.

Is Recovery Coaching Right For You?

If your goal is to reduce your consumption, keep your abstinence, or seek out official treatment, a Peer Recovery Support Specialist can help you.

This partnership is based on open communication and honest exploration, and it is advantageous to everyone at every stage, but especially if:

  • You want to cut back or take a vacation from drinking.
  • You want to include a coach in the addiction counseling you’re receiving.
  • You’ve previously used addiction counselors, but you’d want to try coaching.
  • After a slip or relapse, you want to get back on track.
  • You wish to look at 12-step and AA alternatives.
  • Despite numerous attempts, you are unable to maintain sobriety.

Sanctuary Recovery Foundation

Our caring professionals can help you overcome your addiction and take the necessary steps toward sobriety. In addition, we offer a safe, clean, and supportive living environment that encourages our residents to participate in activities that foster confidence and success.

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