Top Alcoholic Blogs For Recovery Help In 2018

Accountability, support, and encouragement are all crucial parts of recovering from an alcohol addiction. At the Sanctuary Recovery Foundation, we provide regular blogs to offer unique insights, personal testimonies, helpful tips, and solidarity as you’re recovering. We wanted to share some other resources that you may find helpful during your journey to recovery. Here are some of the top alcoholic blogs for recovery help in 2018.

Top Alcohol Recovery Blogs

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite blogs centering on alcoholism and recovery. Keep checking back on our blog for new content, and in the meantime, check out these other top alcoholic blogs that we’ve selected.

Sober Evolution

The Sober Evolution blog is written by Austin Cooper, a former alcoholic. After beginning his road to sobriety in 2013, he started an Instagram account to share some of the lessons he was learning, in the hopes that his experiences would help others facing addictions. Since then, he’s started a blog with titles like “6 Life Lessons I Learned From Getting Sober” and “Perspective Shift: Asking for Help.” He provides his own first-hand account of the struggles and triumphs of his recovery and living sober, and he also features blog posts written by other men and women recovering from various addictions.


Jean McCarthy started her UnPickled blog early in her sobriety. Her writing has a fun, easy-to-read, sometimes-humorous tone. At the same time, she makes herself very vulnerable when talking about her struggles with relapse and new temptations. The comment sections on this blog are very active, with Jean having started something of a community for those in recovery. She also has a popular podcast on recovery as well.


Shatterproof is a national non-profit organization dedicated to ending the devastation addiction causes families. Their blog has a helpful weekly roundup of the latest news in substance abuse and recovery, and it also features posts that focus on those recovering and how that recovery is experienced by family members.

Sober Catholic

Paul Sofranko started the Sober Catholic blog to share his thoughts on his addiction, recovery, and sobriety from a religious perspective. He combines his Catholic faith and religious traditions with his experience in pursuing sobriety, and his blog also offers a number of other faith-related resources for recovery.

Sober College

Sober College is an organization that trains people to be addiction counselors, and their blog is one of the most information-packed and fact-based of this list. Instead of personal testimonies and experiences, this blog provides readers with useful information for those recovering and their families with posts like “10 Tips for Staying Positive in Early Recovery” and “Understanding Teen Alcohol Abuse in College.”

Consider A Sober Living Environment


Hopefully these top alcoholic blogs will help provide the encouragement, focus, and support you need in your recovery. If you are struggling to stay clean and sober, a sober living environment may be right for you. The Sanctuary Recovery Foundation offers men’s sober living residences in the beautiful coastal region of Charleston, SC.

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