Top Tips for Traveling Sober

If you’ve got a trip coming up for business or recreation, plan ahead now so you can stay sober and enjoy your trip with friends, family, or coworkers. Traveling poses many temptations to drink, seemingly at every turn. Hotel mini bars, restaurants, airplane drinks, airport bars, and simply being tired and in a different environment can change the dynamic and pose serious temptations to your sobriety.

Not to fear, though, because none of these temptations are impossible to overcome. Consider the following tips for traveling sober before your next adventure.

Getting To & From Your Destination

Hotel mini bars: Ask your hotel to empty the mini bar of any alcoholic products before your arrival. You don’t even have to give them a reason. Asking will certainly be enough. Check when you first arrive to make sure they’ve removed all the alcohol, and if not, make calling the front desk to have the staff remove any alcohol the first thing you do upon entering your room.

On the airplane: Before your flight takes off, ask your flight attendant(s) to refrain from offering you alcohol when they come by your seat with the drink cart. If you feel comfortable, explain why you are requesting this. Most will be more than happy to accommodate you and help you remain accountable even in the air.

Avoid airport bars: Travel with someone rather than alone, if possible, and make sure it’s someone who will keep you accountable. This person should help you choose a Starbucks over an airport bar if you have free time on a layover. If you can’t travel with someone, have an accountability partner just a phone call away.

Traveling Companions

Don’t travel with partiers: This should be obvious, but don’t travel with people who are going to hit every party, bar, casino, or happy hour while you’re on your trip. This is a recipe for disaster and relapse. If you’re traveling with others, travel with people who are concerned for your sobriety and well-being and will do what they can to ensure you aren’t placed in a potentially difficult position.

Avoid traveling alone: If possible, have a travel companion (or several) that will help you with accountability, as stated above. Traveling alone puts a lot of pressure on you to keep yourself accountable. If you have to travel alone for work or to meet others, have someone that you can call or text at a moment’s notice to help you out. Plan to check in with them regularly.

Your Destination

Don’t travel somewhere known for alcohol and parties: If you’re trying to avoid alcohol and stay sober, traveling to Bourbon Street in New Orleans, the bar scene of Las Vegas or the beach party zone of Cancun or any Mexican resort town may not be the best idea. There are plenty of places to choose from that are beautiful, relaxing, and interesting that aren’t saturated with alcohol and alcohol culture.

Plan your days and stay busy: Don’t let yourself get bored, and don’t leave room in your schedule to fill with drinking or wandering to a bar. It’s a great idea to incorporate activities that involve physical exercise like hiking, snorkeling, or kayaking. These will not only wear you out but will also elevate your mood!

You Can Travel Sober

Don’t be afraid to travel if you’re working on staying sober. It’s definitely possible to travel sober. You just have to plan ahead, be wise, have accountability, and implement these tips for traveling sober!