5 Hacks for Managing Triggers and Cravings in Addiction Recovery

5 Hacks for Managing Triggers and Cravings in Addiction Recovery

Cravings and triggers in addiction can be deadly, which is why every addict should have some hacks in their back pocket ready to use when cravings strike. In this blog post, we will look at some hacks you can tailor to your life and use as tools to help you stay sober. Of course, if you haven’t already, you should reach out to a professional first. Trying to overcome addiction alone is a surefire way to fail. 

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Hacks to Managing Triggers and Cravings in Addiction

Hack #1: Pause

Triggers can happen so quickly that you react to them before you even have a chance to breathe. This is why you must learn how to breathe before reacting. This will take practice. When a trigger occurs, make a pact with yourself to take ten deep breaths and quieten your thoughts before making any other decisions. 

Hack #2: Have Escape Routes

Once cravings come, you will need a way to escape them. Sitting in them for too long tests your willpower, and no one’s willpower is strong enough to last forever. Escape by calling a sponsor, going to a completely different environment, or finding something to distract you whenever the craving occurs. Have at least three escape routes to choose from. 

Hack #3: Get into Nature

Studies show that nature can help with cravings, and spending time in green spaces can reduce stress. Something about the fresh air and moving your body is exactly what the doctor ordered. If possible, get out for a hike or a kayaking trip. Do something different, fun, and adventurous that allows you to live life again in a new way. 

Hack #4: Find Support

Being alone in addiction is incredibly difficult, but many addicts find themselves alone once the damage of addiction has ravaged their support systems. It may be time to find a new support group that can be there for you in difficult times and understand what you are going through. Support groups and sober housing are two ways to find this support. Otherwise, use what you already have as much as possible with open and honest communication.

Hack #5: The Gratitude Game

It’s so easy to get into a negative mindset when you are bombarded with cravings and miserable feelings. But the gratitude game can help to shift your mindset onto something positive. The idea is to name five things you are grateful for and why. The more you play it in a moment of panic, the more things you will remember you are grateful for. This can help you remember what is on the line if the cravings overtake you. 

Sober Living with Sanctuary Foundation

Having tools ready to help you when you are at your lowest is imperative. One of those tools may be a sober living environment. Following the twelve steps with a supportive group that understands everything you are going through can be the most powerful tool of all. If you’re looking for a supportive sober living environment in Charleston, South Carolina, reach out today